Drone Filming and Photography

Media Monty specialises in Drone Filming & Drone Photography.

Using our broadcast quality 4K drones we capture stunning aerial content for a variety of clients including Renfrewshire & North Ayrshire Councils.

Our drone pilots are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority and are fully insured for commercial operations.

Different tasks call for different tools and we will utilise the right drone to deliver the best product in the safest manner.

We have in depth knowledge of the laws and regulations surrounding UK Airspace and will fully plan and risk assess every flight, as well as ensuring all relevant permissions are obtained.

Are you looking to build awareness of your company? Having worked with many corporate organisations like yours, we know you’re looking for video content that’s affordable yet broadcast quality.

We’ll help you achieve the videos you deserve, engage your audience and promote your business. These videos are perfect for architects, local councils, builders, sports teams, estate agents, and events & marketing.


Aerial Filming

Media Monty offers professional drone filming services to capture stunning aerial shots for various purposes such as commercials, documentaries, real estate, events, and more.

Aerial Photography

Their skilled drone operators can capture high-quality aerial photographs for a range of applications including marketing materials, construction progress reports, landscape photography, and more.

Cinematic Videography

Media Monty specialises in creating cinematic videos using drones, providing unique and captivating footage for films, music videos, promotional videos, and other creative projects.

Real Estate Marketing

We offer drone photography and videography services specifically tailored for real estate marketing, allowing agents and property developers to showcase properties from unique angles and perspectives.

Event Coverage

Media Monty can capture aerial footage and photographs of events such as weddings, sports events, concerts, and corporate functions, providing a dynamic and memorable visual representation of the occasion.

Construction Site Monitoring

Construction Site Monitoring: Their drone services include monitoring construction sites, capturing aerial images and videos to track progress, identify potential issues, and create visual documentation for project management purposes.


We offer drone inspections for various industries, including infrastructure, utilities, and insurance. Drones can access hard-to-reach areas, providing detailed visual inspections.

Tourism and Travel Promotion

Media Monty can create captivating aerial videos and photographs to promote tourist destinations, hotels, resorts, and travel experiences, showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of each location.