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Are you looking to keep up with the digital transformation and don’t want to miss new potential customers?


Transforming your website into a reality has never been so easy. In less than a couple of weeks, Media Monty can help you redefine your business’ identity and expand your market to a wider online audience…[continue reading]

Here at Media Monty, we have been taking care of audio and video production with first-class results since 2015 but since the beginning of the ongoing pandemic, we have decided to put our expertise to use to help your business expand your online presence and digital market. We have launched a new service to accompany you in the creation of your bespoke website and launch it in less than a month.

Taking care of every aspect of its production and taking you through the choice of the design to the final set up is what we do. From blogs to online exhibitions we can help you create a modern and vibrant website, specifically tailored to your needs.

Creating a website is like offering your regular and future clients a virtual business card. Your website should reflect your company’s values, your products, and your services. It should reflect the identity of your business. That’s why you want someone who can listen to your needs and a team of experts that understand what you are looking for and help you redefine your company’s identity before presenting it to the wider public.

Lil Brookes, artist and founder of Gatekeeper Art in Paisley, contacted us to help her form her new business website. She was worried that handling e-commerce and a blog could have been challenging, especially since she had little experience with technology.


“I wanted a website for ages. I have been on social media for a very long time but I felt a larger audience was missing”, said Lil.

“As an artist, I had something to say and wanted my message to be heard from a larger community. Deciding to create my website was the answer. And finally, I have done it.”



Li was deterred from creating a website on her own as she was worried about spending too much money and valuable time on a website difficult to organize and maintain. That’s why we created for her an easy and intuitive system to make her experience on-screen enjoyable and effective.

How did we do it?

First, we learned more about her needs and her business’ values.

Secondly, we work on creating a coordinated identity throughout the whole platform (theme, symbols, and layouts).

We wrote the text, coordinated high-quality pictures, and organized the website in different dedicated sections.

And in less than a couple of weeks we launched her brand new website.

“Working with a team of young and talented professionals was an absolute delight. It was a team effort in the name of collaboration – Lil added – There is a lot I have learned from Media Monty’s team and thanks to my new website a lot of people have shown interest in my work”.

If you are thinking about giving your business the online presence it deserves and are looking for the right team to take your outstanding projects on board to make it a reality, please get in touch.

Let’s create your website together today.

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